About Us

Seitz glutenfrei GmbH

The gluten-free pasta range from Seitz is produced since 1995 in the South of Germany on state-of-the-art equipment. Selected raw materials, guaranteed non-GMO, motivated employees and continuous quality management ensure consistently excellent quality.

The company has now developed itself into a high specialist in gluten-free products. In addition to a large selection of gluten-free pasta made from a wide variety of raw materials, our assortment also includes flour and baking mixes, cereals, breads and snacks.

Our rule of conduct is guided by the task of offering a contamination-free, varied gluten-free diet. Never losing sight of this maxim, our team is constantly concerned with the taste and quality of our products. Our range is developed under strict and high standards. In our internal center of Research and Development we work continuously in product development and improvement, so your gluten-free diet can be varied, balanced and tasteful despite dietary restrictions.

We are aimed at bringing taste to the table and convincing people, also without celiac disease, that a gluten-free diet can be followed with no difficulties, facilitating persons with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, to run a household by having the whole family eating gluten free.