From pasta to flour, baking mixes and breads to cereals and snacks, there are almost 50 different products in our wide range. It is important to us to offer natural products that contain as few additives as possible and of course taste delicious.

Are you looking for classic replacement products that taste "normal"? Or are you perhaps looking for exotic products for a creative cuisine? You can find both in our Seitz glutenfrei range - for little and big gourmets.

Seitz offers different options for every meal. Hearty, delicious, nutritious – and surely gluten free!

Colorful pasta variety

Pasta is our specialty. We have been producing our pasta in Spaichingen since 1995. To bring variety to your table, our selection of shapes is largely diversified as well as the used raw materials, such as corn, chickpea, rice, brown rice, buckwheat, and even coconut, sweet potato, teff and other exotic ingredients. We offer the right pasta for every taste and occasion.

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Creative all-rounders

The pure flours are perfect for creating your own flour mixtures or to spice up a ready flour mixture. Each type is better suitable for a different kind of dough. The ideal mixing ratio varies depending on the type of dough and can be individually adjusted according to your experience.

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Gluten-free baking made easy

Do you love homemade bread or cake, but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen? Then we have just the right thing for you: Our flours and baking mixes can be prepared very quickly and are ready to be enjoyed in no time. If you like it a little more unusual, you can refine your homemade bread with dried tomatoes, Italian herbs and pecorino cheese. Yummy… 

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Beloved Bread

Whether at breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner - bread can never go wrong! Our bread range is diverse: from white bread, linseed or sunflower seed bread to crunchy crispbread. With a fresh herb spread, homemade jam, or other, you will have the pleasure of eating bread without having to worry about intolerances. 

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Perfect start to your day

In our cereal range you will find products in the best organic quality. The mueslis can be wonderfully enjoyed only with milk. Oats are the basis of the Seitz gluten-free porridges. They are perfect as basic porridges, which can be enriched as you wish with fresh or dried fruits and nuts, but can also be enjoyed pure and simple. Simply stir with hot milk or water and let swell for 2-3 minutes - the delicious meal is ready.

Looking for something quick at hand to nosh while watching TV or to serve in a get-together? Try our gluten-free savory Pretzel Sticks, a crispy snack everybody loves. 

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