Seitz - specialist in gluten free pasta and products

Hello everyone,

welcome to the world of Seitz glutenfrei. Our goal is to offer safe, high-quality products without compromising on taste.

Seitz is tradition:
Since 1995 we are the only manufacturer of gluten-free pasta in Germany and have a great deal of experience in their production.

Seitz is family:
As a family-owned company, we produce food with the conviction to do something good and we are aware of our responsibility to the consumer.

Seitz is taste:
A gluten-free diet should not mean limitation or even renunciation, but pleasure and joy.

Seitz is blue:
The striking blue packaging makes our products easy to be recognized on the shelf and includes the international Crossed Grain symbol as central element.

Seitz is versatile:
We distinguish ourselves through an innovative product development and constant product range optimization.

gluten free through the day

The hurdles of a gluten free everyday life

Who doesn't know it? To go beyond our comfort zone is most of times hard and unpleasant. It is a great feeling when you do though, for example, leaving the couch and doing sports regularly! But many people don’t want to be bought out of their comfort zone all the time. If you have celiac disease or an intolerance, you fight with this feeling several times a day. Then following a gluten-free diet means a real challenge in a world with pizza, pasta, cakes, fresh bread rolls, cookies and much more. Thus, exercising regularly and living with a food intolerance have a lot in common: discipline and persistence ultimately lead to success and to a healthy, happy everyday life - ideally with Seitz!